Born in Chile, Cesar immigrated to Australia in 1977 with his family.
He began his professional music career in 1990. After many years performing as a 'kid', he went on to study music at Western Sydney University.

Cesar has toured the world as a multi-instrumentalist for the past 24 years. He has been a member and director of many internationally acclaimed ensembles including Damien Leith (Aus), C Major (Aus), Sonido de los Andes (Aus) Luis Rico (Bol), Rhythms of the City (UK) and Domenic Marte (USA).

In 1998, Cesar and his brother Steve formed Son Veneno, an Australian based Afro-Latin band which under his direction has gone on to achieve international success for over 16 years. In conjunction with Son Veneno, Cesar is recognized as one of Australia's most successful musicians and band leaders, performing alongside respected artists such as: Los De Abajo (Mex), Kelis (USA), Cubanismo (Cuba), Los Lobos (USA), Aloe Blacc (US), Monchy & Natalie (USA) and Osvaldo Chacon (UK).

Cesar continues to promote Latin American music and culture through his music school, which focuses on tuition for traditional and contemporary Latin American instruments and styles.


Born into a musical family, Steve began playing music at the age of 6 and quickly developed his skills as a musician. He became a professional musician at age 14.
After learning to play many wind and stringed instruments, Steve focused on drums and percussion, specializing in Latin music. He quickly established himself as one of Australia's most respected musicians.

In 1998, Steve was part of the New South Wales youth Orchestra. Later that year, he joined Tigramuna, which was part of the Musica Viva In Schools program.
In 2003, Steve joined Dirty Dancing (the musical) and continues until now as the resident drummer.

Steve studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2000 under the tuition of Fabian Hevia, Head of Percussion.

Steve has played with and supported such bands as Kelis (US), Ozomatli (US), Cubanismo (Cuba), Elio Reve (Cuba), Africando (Africa), Illapu (Chile), Son Veneno, Merenia Gillies, Damien Leith and many others projects in Australia and around the world.

Steve has been a core member and co-director of Son Veneno for 16 years.
He is also considered one of Australia's leading educators in drums and percussion.