Pato Lara is not only one person, but a conscious wide space where cultures, friendship & by all means brother hood of a spiritual connection and beyond, come together, where love in its various forms of music from and through arts ,expression & respect is the guide with no boundaries, exceptions or forms, free as the wind blows through the pages of a life journey and together they sing a same melody...

"art is to be shared like water journeys from the clouds to the oceans through the rivers & streams of life..." Patricio or better known as "Pato", is a traveler, his music is a flavored mix of World Rhythms, from the Latin Fusions such as Boleros, Salsa, Cumbia, as well as Reggae/Funky Soul, to the Brazilian Samba, Bossanova and the Hispanic Rumba from Spain. He offers a full fun dancing experience that invites every culture to join on this great vibe of celebration and journey through happy vibes & sharing love, bringing together a whole world culture rich atmosphere. Whenever Pato and Band are playing you just can't avoid getting involved with their contagious vibe, not only musical but just having a great time!

Pato Lara was born in Australia to Chilean parents; he grew up in La Serena, a small touristic surfers city in the north coast of Chile. After his studies in Santiago, he traveled, working on a cruise through the Mediterranean Sea, and arrived back in Sydney after 20 years, where he has spent most of his time for the past 6 years. In 2012 after a year in Chile, recording and producing his first musical project, he released his first album called "Travesia" (Journey), Launched in Sydney Australia, 2012 and Santiago de Chile 2013. "Travesia" is a personal musical spiritual journey in which he explores different rhythms and genres from all over South America.

His lyrics talk mainly about personal experiences, journeys, love and world peace; as part of his musical/spiritual path, he begins to record & produce his second album in Chile on 2013 continuing throughout Australia in 2014, named "Raices" (Roots), which is the reflection of his visits from North America, Mexico, Chile, Australia, India Indonesia, where he gets immersed in the local cultures, sharing and learning from traditional musicians, adding this rich magic to his music. As part of his international carrier, Pato has been featured at some of the most renowned music venues/festivals such as; encounter of national bands of Reggae of La Serena, festival of Coinco, Metropolitan Region ? Chile, second guitar of the musical set of Oscar Andrade, in company of outstanding musicians as Raul Aliaga and Igor Saavedra, in the program of RED TV "Cada d?a mejor" with Alfredo Lamadrid, El Clan, Bar Indomito in Santiago de Chile; Art Gallery in Cuernavaca, Mexico; The Floriade Festival, Canberra. The Eastside Arts Hall in Paddington, Camelot Lounge, El Bulli, Jam Gallery & La Sala in Sydney, Australia; Ryoshi Seminyak House of Jazz, Bali, Indonesia, among others.

In 2012 he played at the Esmeralda ? Chilean Navy Ship as a representative of the Chilean Culture.

In 2013, Pato produces, hand Tuiyang Salas ( Chilean Filmmaker ), his first video clip from his single "Enamorado de la Vida" (In-loved with Life) from his first album "Travesia", which was recorded in different locations from the Andes mountains to the Pacific Coast in Chile.

Pato Lara recently received the Viva Fiesta Award by Darling Harbour ? Fiesta Festival, Sydney in January 2014, in recognition to the diffusion of multicultural arts and long standing artistic contribution to the community.